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    This is my very first project.  =)
    -x-kafeas is an autonomous ground vehicle with selectable modes.
    The frame is from a 20$ toy. It consists of an 8bit atmel atmega8 processor. 2 brushed motors,2 SN754410 H-bridges,1 TSOP1738,1 LM7805,1 mirco servo, a 9V battery for the electronics and 8AA batteries for powering the motors.
    The robot has 2 modes.
    The first is autonomous. In this mode the vehicle navigates autonomously in an area by avoiding objects in front and take decisions about which way to turn. It carries a Sharp GP2YOA41SK ir sensor mounted in a micro 9g servo, and when it detect an obstacle in front of it in a specified distance, it stops the moter and rotating the servo it takes 2 measurments, one at 40 degrees left and on at 40 degrees right. After coopering thease two values  it gives a command to the motors in order to turn in the side that the path s clear.
    The second mode is remote controlled mode. Remote controlled mode takes ir pulses from a RC5 TV remote control,decodes it and depending on the pressed button sends the proper commands to the motors. By pressing “1” or “3” button you can select the 2 modes. With “4”,”6″,”2″ and “8” buttons you move the robot left,right,forward and backward.
    Here are some videos with robot in action.
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