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    Garduino tiny

    Garduino tiny board was developed for the purpose of Valentina’s Karga workshop :
    “Gaduino – alternative ways of living and pracitces of autonomy”.
    It consists of an ATtiny85 chip which you can program using Arduino code, a 12V solenoid valve and 2 nails for sensing the soil moisture.


    You can program the Garduino chip with an arduino compatible board by many ways.
    First building the circuit of the above schematic that works as a shield for arduino.

    Another way is to remove the ATtiny85 chip an place it to a breadboard following the connection above:














    Finally you can connect the Garduino tiny board directly to an arduino following the above diagram:















    Next step is to download this foler.
    Unzip the content of the folder inside the arduino/hardware folder, if its successfully done you should see in the arduino ide tools->board the Garduino Tiny.
    Next connect your arduino to the pc and go to File->Example->ArduinoISP and upload it to Arduino.
    After this go to Board and select Garduino Tiny.
    Load the garduino tiny code and press the upload button.
    © 2017 Thanos Eleftherakos