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    Canon 30D remote control

    The aim of this project was to find a cheap way to create a remote control for a Canon dslr camera in order to capture time lapse photos and do long exposures.

    The remote control consists of the following parts:
    1 atmega8
    1 lcd 2×16
    1 on-off switch
    4 push buttons
    1 switch
    1 optocoupler
    1 cable to connect it to a Canon camera
    1 9V battery

    The controller has to modes that the user can select simply with a switch.
    The first is the Time Lapse mode. Entering the Time Lapse mode the user can select the time intervals between photos, so the control can trigger the camera in the specified times.
    This is a video that ive create with the remote control and a video editing software.

    In the Long Exposure mode the user can set the exposure time.
    Here are some photos that ive capture with this technique
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