Omni Drawbot

Omni Drawbot

OmniDrawbot is a 4 wheel drawing robot. It moves on 4 omnidirectional wheels attached to 4 stepper motors which are controlled from an Arduino compatible uC and it is able to draw precise patterns in various surfaces. Using Processing or a Tablet, OmniDrawBot can draw SVG files or draw live using the OmniDrawBot Android app.

Arduino internet TV

This is a project made for FROWN space. It is able to display in a old 70’s tube tv the upcoming events from a website. It uses of an Arduino Mega, Ethernet Shield , a php script to serve events in json format and and RF modulator. The Arduino through the ethernet shield is requesting json[…] Continue Reading

Garduino tiny

Garduino tiny board was developed for the purpose of Valentina’s Karga workshop : “Gaduino – alternative ways of living and pracitces of autonomy”. It consists of an ATtiny85 chip which you can program using Arduino code, a 12V solenoid valve and 2 nails for sensing the soil moisture.   You can program the Garduino chip with an[…] Continue Reading

Arduino POV

POV (Persistence of Vision) is an optical phenomenon caused by a series of short or instantaneous samples in constant motion . These samples in rotation create a distinct view as a continuous view . In this two-day hands-on workshop we created a unique DIY POV  machine using Arduino microcontroller. After an introduction to Arduino participants[…] Continue Reading

PID line follower

This is a project that ive made in order to take part at the Athens Digital Week 2010. Its line follower and maze solver vehicle. It can sense and follow any dark line in a bright background, such as an electrical tape. To do this it has 6 IR LED/phototransistor pairs facing down. When the sensor[…] Continue Reading


This is my graduation project Custom board with Atmega2560 The following video shows in action the quadcopter holding its position and altitude without any input from the user by just using a common optical mouse sensor and a ultrasonic sensor.     This is the adns2083 breakout board that ive design in order to get[…] Continue Reading

Humidity and Temperature data logger

This is also a project for the Biology department of University of Athens. The aim for this project was to crate a cheap, small portable device for logging in an SD card various weather variables. The user can set number of samples and the time intervals between samples then the device is starting logging the data in[…] Continue Reading

Humidity and Temperature controller

This is a project for the Biology department of University of Athens. The aim of the project was to create a device capable to control the humidity and the temperature in a Terrarium. The device is using the SHT15 Sensirion sensor in order to measure the relative humidity(RH) and  temperature with an +-2% absolute RH accuracy and a +-0.3°C  temp accuracy.[…] Continue Reading

Canon 30D remote control

Canon 30D remote control

The aim of this project was to find a cheap way to create a remote control for a Canon dslr camera in order to capture time lapse photos and do long exposures. The remote control consists of the following parts: 1 atmega8 1 lcd 2×16 1 on-off switch 4 push buttons 1 switch 1 optocoupler[…] Continue Reading



This is my very first project.  =) -x-kafeas is an autonomous ground vehicle with selectable modes. The frame is from a 20$ toy. It consists of an 8bit atmel atmega8 processor. 2 brushed motors,2 SN754410 H-bridges,1 TSOP1738,1 LM7805,1 mirco servo, a 9V battery for the electronics and 8AA batteries for powering the motors. The robot[…] Continue Reading

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